Foundation Female Sale

Lot 36 - Tag 2487
Lot 36 - Tag 2487
Lot 36 - Tag 2487

Lot  36  – Tag 2487

Sire: Rattle The Cage (Unicorn x Hot Mess x DTM-Gorilla’s mom)
Dam: Impact #2119 (Optimus Prime x Fat Jesus x Arms Race)
Date of Birth: 1/2/2022

#2487 will be a great show prospect for early jackpots and can be registered for those Texas majors next year.  She is very edgy in her back shape, very expressive in her muscle and has a tremendous touch.  She is a typical Rattle the Cage daughter, tall fronted, great in their lines and high headed.  She shows great and would be ideal for any age show person, she stands tall and drives.   Her pedigree gives her the potential to be a major stud ewe.  If you dig into her pedigree The Hot Mess buck on her sire side is a Grandson of Apollo and was from the same ewe family as Optimus Prime family that is found on her dam side and she is lined up tighter if you dig deeper on the dam side.    #2487 has about 1/2” of wool regrowth on her and we’ll update her pictures on Facebook when we get her clipped down later in the week.

Lot 37 - 2547
Lot 37 - 2547
Lot 37 - 2547

Lot  37  – Tag 2547

Sire: American Dream (American Monster x Fat Jesus X Shower Chickens dam)
Dam: Impact 1722 (Fat Jesus x Impact 1200 – Optimus Primes dam)
Date of Birth: 1/22/2022

#2547 has the shape and style of her Sire.  American Dream consistency in what he sired on ewe lambs was impressive,  big footed, fuzzy, square rumped, very big ended, while strutting around when they move.  They are all shallow and great in their lines like 2547.   2547 is opened up in her rib cage, with a little more volume to her body and very muscular in her rack and leg shape.  Her pedigree is backed by several donors and whether you’re looking for a show ewe or next donor she’s one that will check both those boxes.  We will also update her pictures on Facebook when we get her clipped.